The Multi Talented Courtney Medina

Meet Courtney Medina, she acts, sings, dances and can model ANYTHING! When I wanted to try out a new light modifier I called Courtney and asked if she could pop over for a quick photo test. She came with an arm load of clothes and announced "I have this idea..."

We had fun with her Little Black Dress look.


You can ask Courtney to project any emotion and she always delivers.


Courtney-1-7 Edited.jpg

Courtney was giddy when I texted her a peek of this image. 


Then Courtney came out as Rosie the Riveter. I am proud to say this image won Tallahassee Professional Photographers Guild's April Print Competition in the Open Category.


And as proof she can model ANYTHING, my husband stuck a dirty smelly chainsaw in her hands, she seized the moment and worked it like a professional!